REAL LIFE: "I'm the Carrie Bradshaw of Doha!"

Meet the footwear fanatic with hundreds of pairs of shoes
ByDawn GibsonThursday , 25 September 2014
REAL LIFE: "I'm the Carrie Bradshaw of Doha!"

Ursula Trainor is simply mad about footwear. The Irishwoman owns about 330 pairs and is working towards one pair for every day of the year – and she says she won’t stop there. Ursula and her husband, Shaun, both hospital executives, have installed back-lit cabinets in their home to display part of the impressive collection, which includes pairs by Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Dolce&Gabbana, Miu Miu and Prada, mixed in with high-street buys from the likes of Zara and River Island. We sat down with well-heeled Ursula to gather some top shopping tips…

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on one pair of shoes?
I once spent $3,000 [Dhs11,019]. They’re black, 7.5in high and signed by Christian Louboutin himself!

How much do you spend per month on shoes?
From Dhs1,000 to Dhs5,000. I won’t buy designer shoes every month. I normally treat myself around my birthday and Christmas, and my husband also buys me some. We’ve worked hard and always been very practical, so we’re at a stage where it’s possible to do this without worrying, but I’ve always been obsessed with shoes. My earliest memory is of me as a child wearing my sister’s stilettos. 

Which celebrity’s shoes would you most like to steal?
Nicole Kidman’s – she’s a representative for Jimmy Choo and she has such fabulous long legs. She makes any shoe look good. Kim Kardashian’s shoe collection is absolutely awesome. She must have every style of Christian Louboutin shoes in every shade and colour! 

How much time do you spend shoe shopping?
Not that long; I’m very decisive, so I will know instantly whether I like a pair of shoes or not. But if I’m looking for a pair of shoes online, probably up to an hour-and-a-half. 

Where do you tend to find the best shoes?
Online at and For designer shoes I go to Christian Louboutin, who is my fave designer, and Dolce & Gabbana. I love high street too and usually shop in Topshop, Aldo, Zara and River Island – they’re very on-trend – and Dune for classic business shoes. I travel to the UK quite often, and when I’m there, I also buy a lot at an outlet store near Oxford.

Who’s your all-time favourite shoe designer?
Christian Louboutin, of course. I just love the simplicity but eccentricity of his designs. I have very basic, classic black patent shoes and some nude patent heels, and I also have the wacky ones which have spikes coming out of them. I love the variety. And I love the red sole! 

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