Real Life: I Lost Weight and Became a Dead Ringer for Katy Perry!

Real Life: I Lost Weight and Became a Dead Ringer for Katy Perry!

09 Mar 2014

As a child, Suzy O’Neill was called ‘frog face’ by bullies. But when she shed some weight she turned into the spitting image of a pop princess

With huge eyes, full lips and glossy black hair, Suzy O’Neill is a real stunner. The pretty mum-of-one earns a living as a top celeb double, but says childhood taunts over her big eyes and full lips left her desperately lacking confidence.

Suzy, 26, says she worried about her appearance for years. “I’d always had [hassle] over the way I looked – when I was at school people would say I looked like a frog. After I had my little boy, David, I put on loads of weight and I didn’t really have time to bother with my appearance. But when I broke up with my partner at the time, I decided it was time for a new me. I dyed my hair black and started making more of an effort with my make-up. I hated covering my size 16 body in baggy clothes and I was determined to lose weight so I could wear the slinky dresses I loved.”

Initially, Suzy didn’t spot the similarities between herself and the superstar Roar singer. But that all changed when she started posting photos of herself on social media sites. “I uploaded pictures of my weight loss and new image on Instagram, and I got loads of strangers sending me messages telling me I looked like Katy Perry. At first I really couldn’t see it, but when I started slipping into size 10 dresses I began to notice it more, and I thought ‘Why not use it to my advantage?’”

Suzy was snapped up by top talent agency Susan Scott Lookalikes and now makes her living pretending to be Katy. But, surprisingly, being mistaken for pop’s hottest starlet has its downside.

Suzy’s been harassed by admirers on nights out with her friends – and was even yelled at by Russell Brand fans after the celeb couple split. “I do think it’s funny when people do a second take when I walk past,” she says. “A bloke stopped me in a bar once and asked if he could buy me a drink and then he yelled ‘No wonder Russell Brand dumped you’ when I said no thanks.”

Her striking appearance often leaves onlookers confused, and occasionally even her boyfriend. “Paul sometimes struggles. He’ll see new photos of Katy on the internet and say ‘When did you do this photo shoot?’

“I love watching what Katy’s up to and mirroring her look. I’ve got loads of outfits similar to hers – I’ve even got a blue wig like the one she wore in her California Gurls video. I’m a fun-loving girl and I really want that to come across in my work. My new image has helped me find the real me again.”