REAL LIFE: Fiona Hodge Lost a Lot of Weight & All of Her Friends!

When Fiona slimmed down to a size 8, she never imagined the bitter backlash to come
ByHannah Stubbs
,Jack Hardwick
Thursday , 18 September 2014
REAL LIFE: Fiona Hodge Lost a Lot of Weight & All of Her Friends!
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Fiona's new look is stunning but it came with a price!

gorgeous mum who dropped a whopping 7st has lost her friends as well as her love handles – because her former pals grew jealous of her new size 8 figure. Stunning 5’2” Fiona Hodge slimmed from a size 20 and 15st 4lb to a slinky shape after her wedding pics left her devastated. The mother-of-two swapped her takeaway binges for healthy eating, and within just a year was unrecognisable at 8st 8lb. But the yummy mummy says her envious mates ditched her following her diet success because they wanted her to be their fat friend.

Wedding Pictures Left Me in Tears 
Food had long played a huge part of Fiona’s life, and over the years she’d become trapped in a vicious cycle of bingeing, then hiding herself away as her weight soared. “I ate so much processed food that it was no surprise I became so big – my diet was disgusting and I was huge,” Fiona says. “I hated my wedding photos so much I just couldn’t look at them. I never used to go outside, I dressed head to toe in black and in as many layers as I could get away with, and I wouldn’t even take my children to the park. I was worried and embarrassed that other parents would laugh at the fat mum in the corner who couldn’t run after her own kids. It got to the point where I just couldn’t do it to myself any more, and I was really determined to lose the weight. My friends supported me at first, but when the kilos started coming off, they accused me of being obsessed with the diet. It’s hard because I’ve lost the weight now, but I’ve also lost many of my friends.

“I think some people just need a fat friend to make them look thinner and feel better about themselves. But I’m not that person any more. I’m healthier and happier and finding new friends to support me in my new lifestyle.”

Gorging on 7,200 Calories a Day
Before her transformation, Fiona, from London, refused to have pictures of herself on display and hid inside while she gorged on an incredible 7,200 calories a day. After being upset to the point of tears by her wedding photos she decided enough was enough and that drastic action was required.

In her bid to shift the pounds she bought a pair of size 10 jeans and hung them in her wardrobe to motivate herself to shed the kilos. Having been overweight since her late teens, Fiona was terrified to leave her house and suffered with kidney stones.

Living off takeaways and junk food, she was crippled by embarrassment and anxiety that left her practically housebound. She’d skip breakfast and then gorge on supersize servings of biscuits, pizza and crisps while glugging down fizzy drinks.

After the birth of her second child, Fiona decided to do something about her size once and for all. She followed the Cambridge Weight Plan, which involves a strict regime of meals such as shakes, soups and porridge, and with the support of husband Andy, the pounds melted away.

While sticking to the regime and taking regular exercise, it wasn’t long before Fiona’s weight was in keeping with her tiny 5ft 4in frame – and she rushed to the shops to update her wardrobe with flattering clothes for her newly svelte figure. She’d dropped from 15st 4lb to 8st 8lb – an incredible achievement – but rather than garnering compliments, she was shocked to receive a string of insults from so-called friends, who were seemingly jealous of her new look.

Bitter Mates’ Backlash Begins
“I noticed that the more weight I lost, the more nasty comments I started getting from my friends,” she recalls. “I was devastated because I thought they’d be pleased for me. Some of my best friends told me that I looked gaunt and ill, and that I should stop the diet and exercise. They even told me I should stop ‘forcing’ my kids to exercise with me when we’d go for bike rides around the local park. But I knew I couldn’t go back to my old lifestyle.

“In all the old pictures of me I just see how unhappy I was because I was worrying about how I looked. Even when I did go out, I wouldn’t talk to people because my weight made me so self-conscious, and I’d just nod along and agree in conversations even when I wanted to say something, because I didn’t want to draw attention to myself.  “I looked massive and I felt massive. I’d spend my whole day thinking about sweet snacks and wouldn’t think twice about spending £50 (Dhs300) a night on takeaways and junk food. Now I don’t think twice about taking my kids out to play. On most evenings, we cook a lovely healthy dinner and go for a walk together.

“Not only is my health so much better for it, I’ve become far more self-confident – I’ve finally found my voice, and hopefully, I’ll find some great new friends too.”  



How She Did It
Fiona’s Diet Before…
Breakfast: None

Lunch: Bowl of pasta with tomato sauce, ‘sharing-size’ bag of crisps and a chocolate bar.

Snack: Half a packet of chocolate biscuits

Dinner: Large pizza, with a portion of garlic bread and a portion of wedges

After-dinner snack: Half a tub of ice-cream, plus half a packet of sweets

Drinks: Three cups of tea with full-fat milk, plus two litres of cola

…And now
Breakfast: Fat-free vanilla yoghurt with banana or strawberries, or porridge and blueberries with soya milk

Snack: Protein bar

Lunch: Homemade tuna salad

Mid-afternoon: A Cambridge Weight Plan chocolate- and mint-flavour shake

Dinner: Chargrilled chicken with green vegetables

Snack: Grapes or strawberries


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