Real Life: “I Ditched Takeaways and Lost 10st!”

Brunches and bingeing are bad for your waistline, as Teresa Colman found out!
ByAhlan! Live ReporterSaturday , 01 November 2014
Real Life: “I Ditched Takeaways and Lost 10st!”
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Teresa’s half the woman she used to be

“I could consume 11,000 calories on a night out”
“I was preparing to go back to work for the next academic year and ordered some size 26 black work trousers,” she recalls. “When they arrived and didn’t fit, I was mortified. I couldn’t believe I was a size 28. Over the summer holidays, boredom had set in and I hadn’t realised I’d gone up a size. At that point, I thought ‘Right, I have to do something now’.”

Greasy kebabs were a fave snack

Clinic made her face up to reality
Teresa started off trying to lose weight on her own, but years of yo-yo dieting had actually made her gain weight, and she only really started to shed the pounds after getting advice at a walk-in health clinic. She was shocked to discover that her diet often amounted to a staggering 11,000 calories a night – about five times what the average woman should eat per day – by knocking back vino and grabbing takeaways on her way home from work. “When I was assigned a health trainer, he worked out I could be consuming between 10,000 and 11,000 calories on a night out,” she says. “It wasn’t necessarily the quantity that was the problem, it was understanding what was high in calories.”
Teresa and her health trainer, Ryan, started to meet every week and she joined a gym. Embarking on a sensible healthy diet, in addition to exercising regularly, Teresa shed an incredible 10st 6lb, taking her from 23st 5lb and a size 28 to 12st 13lb and a dress size 14 – far healthier proportions for her 5ft 11in frame. “I was quite apprehensive at first, because even though I’d started to eat more healthily, I was scared of someone weighing me and judging me. I hadn’t realised I weighed that much. I’d been 19st 7lb when I’d last weighed myself. I’ve been on all the well-known diets over the years and, each time, I had put the weight back on, and more. It had just crept on ever since my teens.”

Teresa used to look very different

Overeating was A Slippery Slope
The 29-year-old college lecturer, who’s from a seaside resort in Yorkshire, England, started binge-eating after her father died when she was still at school. Food gave her comfort in bad times, she says, and she’d use it to ease the grief. “My dad passed away when I was 15,” Teresa says. “That was when the comfort eating started. When I grew older, a lot of the calories I was having were through drink.”
Teresa doesn’t see what she does now as ‘being on a diet’ and says it’s rather about lifestyle and changing her attitude. “It was more about educating myself and not following any type of fad diet,” she says. “It felt as though the changes I was making were really small, but they started to make a big difference. On Mondays, I would update my Facebook status and let my friends and family know how much I’d lost. It was the positive comments I received that really spurred me on.”

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