Rashmi Kumari Ahmad

The haute-couture queen indulged her passion for pret
ByAhlan! Live ReporterThursday , 19 March 2015
Rashmi Kumari Ahmad
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Dubai lured me with the promise of a new adventure. After 20 years of dealing with cold New York, I was ready to head off to somewhere a lot warmer. 
Seven years of bespoke couture has led me to launch an easy-to-wear pret range. My first collection of flirty skirts and painstakingly embroidered and embellished crop-tops have been snapped up by stores like Bloomingdale’s and Ginger & Lace. 
I have established myself in Dubai but expanding overseas has been a huge leap forward. My pieces at Cream Jeddah were a great success. I’m keen to embark on more collaborations.
You cannot be out of the social media loop. I learned this lesson late and regret not setting up an Instagram account earlier in the game. 
I need to push myself to experiment. I had gotten complacent, designing items that sold. I realised that fashion evolves quickly and even though people are loving and buying what I have to offer, I need to try new ideas and styles. That’s what I did with my pret line! 

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Skewering Instagram clichés with hilarious results; duck-face selfies, food photos and throwback Thursdays are all roasted! 
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They have a special tab to connect with other travelers, one that shows trip and tour reviews and one that lets users search and book trips without having to leave their Facebook Page.

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Farrah Alshah Kasem
This CEO makes work seem like child's play
Kidz! Blog knows its market – the youth of Dubai.
We provide an educational‎ yet fun magazine, distributed via schools in the city. The plan is to launch a website for this tech-savvy audience that provides daily updates, games  and interactive content too. 
WEBSITE: kidzblogmagazine.com
WEBSITE: kidz.blogmagazine

Adelya Bakhtiyarova
Bringing On The Bling
Being chosen by S*uce as one of their brands was a huge break for my eponymous jewellery line.
In 2014 we secured four new retailers; S*uce Rocks, S*uce Dubai Mall, and in Almaty, Sirius and Armonia. In 2015, I plan to expand to US and European markets. 
WEBSITE: adelyajewellery.com
FACEBOOK: adelya_jewellery

Nour Rankousi al Gaddah
The nutrition expert shows us how to get fit 
Renowned Syrian make-up artist Rose Arbaji, who did our hair and make-up today, is a good friend.
That’s why I invested in her business.
There is huge scope for a health and fitness specialist in Dubai. There is growing awareness about changing one’s lifestyle to take care of yourself inside and out. 
WEBSITE: rose-arbaji.com
INSTAGRAM: @nrosefitness