Ranya Khalil-Aghamardi & Sara Alemzadeh

Designer-24 lets style sirens rent straight from the runway
ByAhlan! Live ReporterThursday , 19 March 2015
Ranya Khalil-Aghamardi  & Sara Alemzadeh
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Our concept is simple: choose your hot-off-the-catwalk creation online, receive it by courier, wear it, then return. 
Designer-24 is a logistical challenge. We refine our model every day and tweak the process to make it more streamlined for the company and user-friendly for our clients.  
Securing Jabbar Internet Group as partners was a huge coup for us. Samih Toukan and Hussam Khoury are regional ecommerce leaders and have been an incredible asset to our venture. 
The fashion-buying side of the business is both an art and a science. We look at the numbers and what is and isn’t working. 
Always be as realistic as possible; but add an extra dash of optimism. One should never get too disappointed with anything or anyone in life. 
Don’t think of your business ideas as all or nothing. Test them. Put a demo on the market and see what feedback you get. We think we have to answer all questions before trying something but that’s often impossible and not the most efficient method. 

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Founder Dana’s ability to mix and match beautiful pieces from unique designers is so fashion-forward. 
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A role model for women not just in the Middle East but internationally.
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Uplifting sayings that brighten up the day.

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