Ramadan to Start May 27?

The Holy Month is expected to last 29 days
ByMashal AbbasiSunday , 07 May 2017
Ramadan to Start May 27?

According to a senior Bahrain Astronomer, Ramadan is expected to start on May 27, reports Khaleej Times.

Muslims in Bahrain will fast for up to 15 hours and 17 minutes during the Holy Month.

Waheeb Al Nasser said that the crescent marking the start of the lunar month would be sighted on May 26 at 6:22pm for 42 minutes in Bahrain, marking the start of fasting the next day.

Ramadan will last for 29 days and Eid Al Fitr, the feast celebrating the end of the holy month, will be on June 25, he said.

Al Nasser added that the weather during Ramadan is expected to be better than in previous years, with the highest temperature to hit 34.1 degrees Celsius and average humidity at 78 per cent. 

Are you ready for the Holy Month? We can't wait for the Iftars and Ramadan tents!

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