Ramadan Rules!

And by that we do mean that it’s totally cool – so long as you respect the cultural etiquette and immerse yourself in the experience. Here's how...
Ramadan Rules!
Welcome to faith and culture

Ramadan is an important religious event for Muslims who devote more time to worshipping and fast during daylight hours to better appreciate the plight of those who are hungry in the world. It’s an honourable and spiritual sacrifice and one that non-Muslims can take part in. If you wish to join in the fast , consult your doctor first, and even if you don’t join the fast, respect those around you who do. 

Here are the basic codes of conduct to be observed during the Holy month:

1. Never  eat, drink, smoke or chew gum in public during daylight hours. It’s seen as offensive and may result in a police warning or even a short spell in jail for blatant flouting of the rules. It’s also massively inconsiderate for anyone around you who may be thirty or hungry.

2. You don’t have to be in on the fast to enjoy an iftar – the breaking of the daily fast is a post-sundown supper feast where everyone is welcome. Make the most of the celebratory spirit and join in; most of the city’s hotels create special Ramadan tents or rooms, where they serve sumptuous buffets, complete with traditional Arabian entertainment.

3. Don’t dance or sing in public. Although many bars will be open from 7pm onward, most nightclubs will be closed and live performances – other than the Traditional oud playing Arabic ensembles – are a no-no, as is sitting on your balcony with your iPod on loud speaker. Loud music in public can distract from prayer and reflection for those around you, so get a set of headphones if you need your beats.

4. Never swear in public. Bad language is undesirable at the best of times, but it’s particularly insulting during Ramadan.

5. Wear more modest clothing in public. Even if you’re heading out for the evening, avoid tight or revealing clothes. Women should ensure their knees and shoulders are covered at all times. Don’t wander round in hot pants – that’s just soooo last season!

6. Get into the spirit of giving. Charity events abound at this time of year and community spirit is at its best, so don’t stay home watching box sets – be a part of it!