Ramadan Recipes: Philippines

Ginataang Halo-Halo - an explosion of flavour
Thursday , 25 May 2017
Ramadan Recipes: Philippines

A hot sweet stew of sweet potato, bananas and glutinous rice balls cooked in coconut milk doesn’t make for the prettiest of dishes but what it lacks in appearance, it makes up for in flavour.

• 2 cans coconut milk
• 4 cups water
• 2 cups sweet potatoes, cubed
• 2 cups ripe plantains, cubed
• 2 cups taro root, cubed
• ½ cup tapioca pearls or sago, cooked
• 1 cup sugar

• 4 cups sweet rice flour or glutinous flour
• 1¾ cups water

1. Make the bilo-bilo by mixing the sweet rice flour with water. Roll into even, small bitesized balls.
2. Mix the coconut milk, water, sugar and bilobilo in a pot and bring to a boil.
3. Turn the heat down and simmer for 10 minutes, making sure the balls don’t stick together.
4. Add the sweet potatoes and taro root and cook for another 5 minutes, then add the bananas and tapioca pearls.
5. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes or until the sweet potatoes and taro root are soft but not mushy.