Ramadan Recipes: Malaysia

Roti Canai - the perfect side to accompany any curry
Thursday , 25 May 2017
Ramadan Recipes: Malaysia

A popular accompaniment for curries, omelettes or just to be eaten plain, this flaky, leavened bread is a break-fast staple all over Asia.

• 600g plain flour
• 300ml water
• 1 tsp salt
• 1 tbsp sugar
• 15ml oil
• 1 egg

1. Mix the wet ingredients together and give them a good whisk.
2. Add in flour and mix well, leave it alone for 20 minutes. Then knead by hand for about 20 minutes with a 10 minute rest time in between, or place in a breadmaker on the ‘dough’ setting.
3. Dust the dough with flour and divide into about ten equal-sized balls. Make sure the bottom is smooth.
4. Coat the balls generously with oil to prevent them from drying and place in a muffin pan covered with cling film. Allow to rest overnight.
5. Oil a work surface. Take a dough ball and hold it in the air with your right hand. Stretch with your left. Flip the dough and stretch again. By the time the stretched dough reaches the oiled work surface, it should look almost translucent.
6. Fold the edge closest to you up into the middle, and the top edge down into the middle so that both edges meet. Turn and do the same again. Turn and do the same again until you have small dough squares.
7. Roll out each dough ball with a rolling pin.
8. Heat a frying pan over a moderately high heat. Cook the roti until crisp and golden.