So, when will Ramadan end this year?

16 May 2019

And how many days of holiday are we getting?

With Ramadan well under way, our minds are now turning to the Eid Al Fitr holiday, and when it's going to kick off.

A UAE astronomer has predicted to Gulf Business that the first day of Eid (marking the end of Ramadan), will fall on Wednesday June 5. This means that Ramadan, which began on Monday May 6, is expected to last 30 days this year. 

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But FYI, we won't know this for sure until the new moon is sighted. 

When it comes to how many days off we are likely to get, for the first time this year, both public and private sector workers will get equal holidays. Woop. Usually we’re given two days off for this holiday, but when the UAE government unified the public holidays for 2019, the announcement stated that the Eid Al Fitr public holiday would be from Ramadan 29 (the 29th day of Ramadan) to Shawwal 3.

If this is the case, and Ramadan ends on Tuesday June 4, we could enjoy an additional four days off. Here's hoping.