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Ramadan 2018: The Official UAE Start Date Has Been Announced

16 May 2018

The Saudi moon-sighting committee has announced the 2018 Ramadan start date

It has been announced that the Holy Month of Ramadan will officially start on Thursday 17 May in the UAE. 

The announcement was made after the Saudi moon-sighting committee met yesterday and were unable to see the crescent moon, which marks the beginning of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. 

The official Ramadan start date was announced in the UAE by the WAM News Twitter account on Tuesday night.


The first day of Ramadan has also been declared as 17 May in Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan. 

What Is Ramadan?

The ninth-month of the lunar calendar is marked for its duration by Muslims all over the world with a complete fast from dawn to sunset. While it is mainly associated with abstaining from the consumption of food and drink or tobacco during daylight hours, the significance of Ramadan goes much deeper than that.

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The observance includes every part of the body, probably best described by the Arabic word for fasting, sawm, which means ‘to refrain’. This includes not looking at unlawful (haram) things, not uttering harsh words or backbiting, not listening to idle gossip and not allowing yourself to visit illicit places. During this period, the complete overhaul of the usual way of life is intended to educate and purify the soul in a refirmation of the word ‘Muslim’ – a term that translates as ‘one who submits to the will of Allah’. With fasting having been ordained by God in the Qur’an, the adherence to the ritual is an act of obedience.

Ramadan Kareem!