Question: why is it currently so stormy and wet in the UAE?

11 Apr 2019

And when is it going to end?

Expats may not like it, but the UAE is on a mission to make the country wetter in preparation for the hot and dry summer months.

Cloud seeding increases the country's chance of rain and helps boost ground water supply, and since January this year, the NCMS (that's National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology) has conducted 88 cloud seeding missions.

On Wednesday residents in Dubai were woken in the night to heavy rain, thunder and lightning. 

The bad news (depending on your view on rain),  is forecasters say rainy conditions will persist till Sunday. An official told Khaljeej Times that sporadic rains are expected to continue across the UAE until Sunday and are "typical" during spring, when the country transitions from cool weather to hot summer.


The NCMS issued a weather warning until 6pm today for residents to expect rain and strong winds causing blowing dust and sand reducing visibility to less than 2km at times. Rainfall of different intensities is expected all day.

We can also expect poor visibility, with winds blowing dust and sand. Good times.