UAE Weather: Bad News, Rain Is Coming The UAE's Way

As Sunday draws to a cloudy close, it appears that the UAE might be expecting a down pour...
ByMaryanne HaggasSunday , 11 November 2018
UAE Weather: Bad News, Rain Is Coming The UAE's Way

With temperatures quickly dropping and rain already confirmed in Al Ain and in the Al Dhafra area of Abu Dhabi by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), it seems like we might be getting our umbrellas out over the next few days.

The NCM also gave a yellow warning to residents going towards the coast as strong winds and rough sea conditions are predicted for today, lasting till 4pm on Monday, 12 November

The good news you ask? It might seem moody at the moment, but the NCM have assured us that we will be out of rains way for the next two days, so hold on to your hands and let's hope for sunshine.

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