Rahil Hesan

The courturier who takes a hands-on approach to detail and design
Tuesday , 22 March 2016
Rahil Hesan
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Rahil Hesan
• At Warda Courture and Rahil Hesan, achievement for me is the beautiful smiles from the women I dress and the thanks I receive.  
• I’ve participated in two major fashion shows over the past year, the first in Paris, which was a showcase for FashionTV, and the second was at Sofitel on Palm Jumeirah, the Latest Do Undone.
• I have been blessed with the opportunity to dress many celebrities and gorgeous women, which have included the sisters Alice, Nadine and Farah AbdulAziz, Dalida Khalil, Maria Valentino, Lopyre Vavika, Pusai Khole, Molly Sanden, China Mcclain, Nadine Labaki and many more. 
• I think success comes from hard work, determination, self-belief, the support of those around you and, most importantly, strong teamwork. 
• I really admire and am influenced by American fashion designer, Carolina Herrera. I see myself in her, she inspires me and is my role model. I would love to get the chance to meet her some day!
• The biggest lesson I’ve learnt in life and business is to keep my head down, mind my own business, not engage in random chatter, and just to let my hard work and success speak for itself.
• If I’m away from work, a perfect day for me would be hanging out with my nieces and nephews. I adore them.
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