Radars to catch motorists speeding between cameras in Sharjah

No more cheating the system
ByMashal AbbasiWednesday , 11 October 2017
Radars to catch motorists speeding between cameras in Sharjah

If you're in the habit of speeding between radars, be warned!

A new version of Sharjah Traffic Police’s radars will soon be able to detect motorists who speed between radars, reports Gulf News.

How so? The radars will calculate the average speed of the vehicle between cameras. This is a new technique called point-to-point control, that calculates the average speed of the car based on the amount of time it takes the car to reach from one camera to the next.

Major Khalid Al Kay, deputy director of Sharjah Traffic Police, said the system will be used to monitor roads such as Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, where speed-related accidents are a major cause of deaths and serious injuries. 

“This enforcement solution has been proven to be very effective. It has been noticed around the world that average speed enforcement improves driver behaviour, which noticeably reduces traffic accident deaths and serious injuries,"Maj Al Kay said.

“As the vehicle’s speed is monitored throughout, speeding between cameras will no longer be an issue, which will ensure smoother traffic flow,” he explained.

The new radars are expected to be rolled out soon. 

We hope they help reduce accidents in Sharjah!

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