R-Patz flees interview over Kristen quiz

18 Nov 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

Rob storms out of show after being questioned on his relationship with K-Stew

ROBERT PATTINSON fled a radio interview with AMERICAN IDOL host RYAN SEACREST just two minutes into the chat - after the DJ quizzed the actor about his TWILIGHT co-star and rumoured girlfriend KRISTEN STEWART.

The Brit was in Los Angeles for the premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon on Monday night and popped into Seacrest's portable studio for a planned interview.

Rob, flanked by minders, seemed at ease with the TV and radio personality and answered questions about the waiting fans and the popularity of the vampire franchise.

But the mood turned sour when Seacrest probed Rob about his relationship with Kristen.

The 23 year old looked to his publicists for guidance and one beckoned him away from the studio, telling Seacrest, "No, I'm sorry. Let's go!"

Seacrest refused to let the matter rest, exclaiming: "You can't ask that question to the guy? It's his co-star! It's a fair question. I was cut off for the first time ever!"

His protests were in vain though - Rob left the studio with his representatives after telling Seacrest, "Watch New Moon, it's amazing!"