R-Patz: “I Stink”

10 Nov 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

Rob confirms bad hygiene rumours

TWILIGHT star ROBERT PATTINSON is warning girls not to get too close to him - because his personal hygiene is "disgusting."

The British actor was hit by a string of rumours earlier this year which suggested the cast and crew on the vampire films were offended by the star's stinky body odour.

And now the heart-throb has confirmed the stories - admitting he rarely washes his clothes because he is constantly living out of a suitcase.

He tells Britain's New magazine, "It gets to the point where even I can't stand the air around me. My personal hygiene - it's so disgusting! Really, it's that I have very few clothes that I like and I'm travelling all the time so I can't really get any more."