Quit Horsing Around!

14 Mar 2013
By Ahlanlive.com

Should you be worried about the horsemeat scandal in Europe?

The horsemeat scandal in Europe has raised concerns in the region about the meat we're eating. Good news, folks... Firstly, the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority has announced that there's no horsemeat present in any wholesalers or vendors in the capital. Secondly, Fine Fare Food Market, which operates Spinneys and Waitrose supermarkets in the UAE, has stated that all their fresh beef is 100 per cent beef. 

Gary Mannion, category manager – meat, fish and poultry, at the Supreme Group, explains that the issues have been related just to "further processed" meat, which includes burgers and ready-meals featuring mince. The fact that the UAE has a limited market for these kind of products has been in our favour: less brands equals less risk. "Only beef is affected, and the UAE (and the region at large) imports its beef mostly from South America and Australia, while the scandal is only to do with Europe."