Qatar Treatment Tried & Tested

Orchidee Imperiale Prestige Treatment tested by Susanna
BySusanna WolfeSunday , 13 July 2014
Qatar Treatment Tried & Tested
© Qatar Treatment Tried & Tested
Qatar Treatment Tried & Tested

WHAT: Guerlain’s signature anti-ageing facial
WHERE: Guerlain Spa Alfardan Tower, West Bay
HOW LONG: 90 minutes

THE TREATMENT: Well, the Spa itself is absolutely gorgeous and very luxurious, light, airy and feminine. I stripped off into a fluffy robe and settled comfortably on a hydraulic bed covered with a white downy duvet, it was bliss. I was nearly asleep before the activities had even begun!

I was having a Guerlain Imperial Orchid Prestige Facial – their signature anti-ageing phenomenon. Apparently orchids live for years looking beautiful in the mountains without any tending and they have magic anti-ageing powers.  Guerlain have scientifically studied orchids for ten years and have invented the New Generation Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract, which is used during this procedure.

Pearl, my therapist, cleansed my skin using two Kabuki brushes, which are incredibly soft brushes, created exclusively by Guerlain. My face was then steamed and she extracted my pores. I was rather perturbed by this idea as it had always really hurt before, however, she was so gentle I didn’t even flinch. Then came the first of two masks with some heavy-duty massage technique over the lined areas of my face. I liked that there was some proper action going on! My treatment included over 60 per cent massage time to increase circulation and plump up my facial tissue. Pearl told me the effect is like botox without the needles!

The last mask was a cover that set over my face, I must have looked a bit like Hannibal Lecter, it was rather weird but my skin felt so soft and elastically charged and lifted after it was peeled off (and still does a day later). 

THE RESULTS: I was really impressed with the Guerlain Orchid Facial and totally recommend you trying it. Not only for the brilliant result of radiant skin but also for the ultimate pampering experience!