Qatar Stars: Elisabete Reis

We catch up with the fabulously stylish Image Consultant Elisabete Reis to find out how to achieve personal style
Sunday , 07 April 2013
Qatar Stars: Elisabete Reis
Elisabete Reis

We all want to look good, but it can be hard to work our own style that still allows us to look as gorgeously glam as the celebs we see staring back at us from the pages of Ahlan! But, that’s where Image Consultant and owner of Glam Your Image Elisabete Reis, can help. For some inside tips on looking hot, read on…

How, and why, did you become an image consultant?
Looking my best is not a dream or a goal, it’s a way of life for me! I think it’s this passion that made me pursue my dream to become an image consultant, and to help others feel good about themselves. When I decided to become an image consultant, I followed the right routes, and was careful to ensure I invested in the relevant training and accreditation. I took advanced courses at various schools in various countries and still, to this day, ensure that I keep on top of any new information and trends in the industry.

Are most of your clients Qatari, or are they expats?
My clients come from all over the world, but they all have one thing in common – they are keen to learn more about their image and how to work with what they have.

How do you determine the best style for your clients?
We all have our own style. When you wake up in the morning you make a decision about choosing what to wear. When you go shopping you buy garments that resonate with you in some way, garments that you feel most comfortable with, and regardless of what others may think, that’s your unique style.

Do you find it difficult to edit down a client’s wardrobe?
Diving into a wardrobe is like going to the cinema - there are so many stories in a wardrobe. I share laughs and tears with my clients, and some consultations are a journey through their past. It’s a fantastic experience. By the time we look through a client’s wardrobe, we’ve already been through a process of discovering who they are and what they want to achieve.

Do you follow all of the main fashion trends?
I love to observe fashion trends and see the direction a trend follows with time, but when it comes to buying good, essential and long term items, I choose the classics. Fads come and go, and what’s in fashion today is out tomorrow. So, money on a fad item, instead buy something classic and timeless.

If you could ban one item of clothing from every woman’s wardrobe, what would it be?
I have to give two – baggy jeans and adult clogs.

It must be so satisfying to help ladies feel good about themselves. Do you go home at night feeling a huge sense of achievement?
It’s the most rewarding feeling when someone (often ladies, but I work with men too) comes to me looking for guidance, or some ideas on how to make their closet work, but ends up with a complete makeover – and not necessarily all on the outside, but the inside too. The funniest thing is with every new client comes a new experience and learning curve for me. I’ve encountered amazing people with fantastic stories and life experiences, and working around individual challenges, and seeing my clients grow with confidence, ensures my job is never predictable, but always rewarding.

Describe your personal style for us.
For me, more importantly than having style, is having fashion sense. I always ensure my clothes fit my size and my personal preference. If something does not fit exactly how I want it to, I have it altered regardless of who designed it. I float between elegant and classic styles, which are directly motivated by my inner essence of always looking for balance, harmony and an alluring sense of style, motivated by an extrovert and passionate desire to connect emotionally with others via dress and body language. I know which pieces to spend my money on and how to make the whole look appear expensive. I prefer neutral colours which are easy to mix and match, and look chic.

Where do you shop in Doha?
I shop at a range of highstreet shops including Massimo Dutti, Topshop, Reiss and Dune plus, little boutiques at the Pearl Qatar, such as The Vanity Room or Toujouri. I also source boutiques online. A new online shopping site called M Boutique, which is based in Qatar, is a fabulous example of somewhere you can go to create your own individual style without breaking the bank.

What are your five absolute wardrobe staples?
A pair of properly fitting black trousers, a classic blazer, either Balmain or Prada, a pair of nude coloured pumps, an LBD (little black dress) and a trench coat.

OK, tell me where I’m going wrong? What three tips would you give me as a priority?
I don’t think you’re going wrong. I have three tips that everyone should abide by. Firstly, you’re important to someone, secondly, always wear your size, and thirdly, buy the best you can afford.

Elisabete Reis' Qatar Essentials
1 Going to the Inland Sea – it’s so beautiful and peaceful.
2 The shwarmas at Turkey Central because they’re absolutely delicious.|
3 I am so thankful for all the amazing Qatari and expat friends I have here.
4 I love the shops at The Pearl – I can spend hours browsing through them all.
5 It’s always wonderful to come back to Qatar after at trip - Doha is home to me and my family.

INFO: To speak to Elisabete, call her on 5525 7491 or visit her website

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