Qatar Bans Taking Picture of Accidents

New law has been put in to place to protect privacy
Sunday , 20 September 2015
Qatar Bans Taking Picture of Accidents

Recently, a new law has been put in to place which is set to stop people from taking pictures of accidents on the road and uploading them on social media without consent. This follows the penal law that was created in 2004 but didn't specificy what accidents in particular.

"The amendment was introduced after several studies were conducted following complaints by people who said they were affected by the unwanted invasion of privacy," lawyers said.

Abdul Rahman Al Jufairi, a lawyer stated, "there were was a great need to keep up with a development of social media and the use of advanced smartphones. The new provision will help protect people against the misuse of pictures and video clips and the subsequent spread of rumours and allegations."

People taking pictures also caused obstruction with the ambulance drivers as people park near the accident site, making it difficult for them to reach the victims.

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