Q & A with a Turkish TV chef now in Doha

We speak to Chef Omur Akkor, who is whipping up Turkish delicacies for the Sultan's Tent for Ramadan at the W Doha Hotel & Residences
ByAhlan! Live ReporterMonday , 06 July 2015
Q & A with a Turkish TV chef now in Doha

You're very ambitious and hardworking; what's the secret to your success?

Honestly, I'm not that ambitious really - ambition can bring disappointment and therefore I'd rather not be that ambitious when it comes to my work. I plan my days and have everything written down on paper so I can look at it when I am in the kitchen, when I am writing at my desk and when I'm travelling. I work hard and with a plan.

Where is the best place ot go for Turkish food in Doha in your opinion?

I'll give you two suggestions from opposite ends of the spectrum. One is Sukar Pasha in Katara and the other is Turkey Central! Doha has so much to offer in terms of great restaurants. I love Spice Market, Market by Jean-Georges, La Spiga, Hakkasan, L'waazar and Idam, just to name a few!

What Turkish dish should everyone try?

To be honest, my favourite is "kuru fasulye" a dish made with white beans, rice stuffed vine leaves, roasted lambs, and I also like everything with eggplant. I think you should just go to a Turkish restuarant and order everything on the menu!

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