Put A Ring On It

Put A Ring On It

24 Jul 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Forget conventional wedding rings and have fun with gems

January: Garnet
Noah, it is said, used a garnet lantern to help him steer his ark through the dark night. Walk the aisle with yours set in white gold as an eternity band or on yellow gold as a solitaire.

February: Amethyst
The Russian Empress Catherine The Great sent thousands of miners into the Urals to look for amethysts because they were known to combat inebriation. Slip one into your to-behubby’s wallet before his bachelor night.

March: Aquamarine
According to the saga, this stone originated in the treasure chest of mystic mermaids and has since been regarded as the sailors’ lucky stone. We like to wear ours set in white gold with diamonds.

April: Diamond
There’s just no fooling around when it comes to April’s gemstone. The stone of all stones, diamonds are what diamonds cost. And when it comes to design and setting, the sky has no limits and little lustre compared to the stone!

May: Emerald
In ancient Rome, green was the colour of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love and in Islamic countries, it’s meant to be the colour of faith. Give your wife-tobe a ring that represents faith, love and beauty on your special day.

June: Pearl
Considered the ‘stone of sincerity’ and the one stone that brings peace and harmony to all men who wear it. Start your married life with that pure and untainted spirit.

July: Ruby
Yours may not be as big as the Black Prince’s Ruby, that famously rests in the royal crown of England, but any crimson stone set in yellow or white gold will ensure that you paint the town red on your big day.

August: Peridot
Known as the ‘emerald of the evening’ by the ancient Romans, the peridot is a bright green stone most commonly found in medieval European churches and shrines like the Cologne Cathedral. This gem is sure to turn everyone the colour of envy when worn with a white gown.

September: Sapphire
The ring that was made famous by the Shah Of Iran. Make sure to restrict the powerful blue sapphire’s stone size to two-three carats and beware of it’s mysterious powers that have been known to make man’s rise and fall go to dangeous extremes. Test it’s affinity to you by putting it under your pillow for 30 days and avoid wearing it if it gives you nightmares or so says the legend.

October: Opal
The healing power of the opal is known to cure depression and to help its wearer find true and real love. Your wearer might have found his or her real love, but bond your passion with this stone’s spiritual promise.

November: Citrine
In mysticism, the citrine is attributed to dispel sadness, anger and to warn its wearer of poisons. It is also meant to make men handsome and intelligent and women, fertile and happy. We don’t know if it’s true, but if it is, then your wedding day is the time to try it!

December: Turquoise
‘The gemstone of the people’, the turquoise was worn by the Aztecs, Egyptians and ancient Persians as a bearer of wealth and a warder of evil. Enjoy this piece of heaven on earth by wearing it on the one day that is meant to be like heaven on earth!