Puma Brings a Special Workout to the UAE

Puma Brings a Special Workout to the UAE

03 Oct 2016

Ladies, it's time to sweat!

Renowned fitness brand Puma is celebrating female empowerment, strength and style this month with its new campaign #DOYOU, which is backed by none other than supermodel Cara Delevingne! Created to inspire women to be more confident in expressing their true self, they are taking over Dubai in celebration with a special weekend workout.

A weekend full of fitness classes, talks and general healthy fun, Puma are even bringing Pound to the Middle East for the first time - a cardio and strength workout inspired by drumming; as well as Aquaphysical - think a HIIT workout, but on the water.

With experienced GuavaPass studio trainers on board, the weekend will challenge you to get your heart pumping with a circuit of the hottest new workouts in the city. Great, huh?

Embrace your true self, push your limits and have fun at the same time!

Guests must register online.

INFO: From 14-15 Oct, 8.30am-5.50pm, The Burj Club, Burj Khalifa, burjkhalifa.ae, guavapass.com