Promotion Review: All You Can Eat Beef at Bennigan’s

Promotion Review: All You Can Eat Beef at Bennigan’s

05 Sep 2013

Good value for money if you're a steak-lover with an appetite

We like a good steak here at Ahlan! HQ and that's just what you get at Bennigan’s, The Dubai Mall. And with their new promotion All You Can Eat Beef at Dhs95 it's a whole lot of delish cuts coming your way without decimating the dirhams in your purse. We ordered ours medium rare and it was done just right, nicely browned on the outside and pink perfection on the inside with its own juices so flavoursome that our main pick for the sauce - pepper - as well as the sides - tomato, mustard and chilli - seemed unnecessary. There's also a veggie-packed skewer including baby tomatoes, onions and bell peppers to take bites from as you go along. But if you're embracing being truly decadent, dig into the thick-cut fries with cheese dipping sauce - they're worth the calories!

There's a cheery atmos at Bennigan’s with the staff wearing bright green in a nod to their 'American fare, Irish hospitality' motto. The All You Can Eat Beef promotion gives the mood a further boost with the race car simulator in the restaurant - place your order and you're invited to try and "beat the bull’s lap time" on the simulator to win a free starter, desert and beverage. You even get a big round of applause once you do it - go on and try! 

INFO: Dhs95, All You Can Eat Beef, Bennigan's, The Dubai Mall and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard

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