princess diana in auction sweater

Princess Diana's sweater will be auctioned soon

01 Jul 2019

It was apparently her "favourite"

A sweater once owned by British royal Princess Diana is expected to make $5,078 when it goes up for auction.

The item of clothing was gifted to Diana, Princess of Wales by the founder of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, and the royal delighted in trolling paparazzi by wearing the garment on a near-daily basis.

She gave the navy sweater, which features the print of a woman in a red dress and the words "Fly Virgin Atlantic", to her personal trainer Jenni Rivett months before her death on 31 August 1997, along with a note that read: "Dearest Jenni, Lots of love from, Diana, x".

Jenni later confessed Diana believed that "wearing the famous Virgin sweatshirt to every session would be a good way to stop the media frenzy."

According to Britain's Daily Express newspaper, the sweater will be sold at RR Auction house in Boston, Massachusetts this month.