Prince William and Kate Middleton Stand by Prince Harry

With Hazza's Vegas scandal still raging, Wills and Kate are doing everything they can to support him
Prince William and Kate Middleton Stand by Prince Harry
Kate and Wills are pulling out all stops to help Harry

Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are “pulling out all the stops” to boost the reputation of the royal family.

Prince William’s brother Prince Harry has been embroiled in a scandal over the last few weeks, after pictures surfaced of him partying in the buff in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Senior royals are apparently worried about the effect it could have on the family’s relationship with the public around the world. It has now been decided William and his wife Kate are perfectly placed to improve things. The pair have been spotted at the on-going London 2012 Paralympic Games recently and are set to visit Singapore as part of a royal tour later this month.

“The onus is on Kate and William to pull out all the stops now, because the Harry situation has rapidly turned into a full-blown crisis,” a source told the British edition of Grazia. “He was away for less than a fortnight, but in that time he’s set the royals back at least six months. That’s how long they reckon it will take to salvage the reputational damage he’s done.”

William has spoken to Harry about the incident but Kate reportedly stopped her spouse being too hard on the 27-year-old. He has been struggling to cope with the attention he’s been receiving and Kate is worried about the impact it’s having on him.

“Nobody is more critical of Harry than himself and they can’t stay mad at him when he’s so upset. Kate’s rallying support from Harry’s friends,” the insider claimed.

“She chooses to believe Harry was set up. Basically, the view is that his kind-hearted generosity makes him easy prey for these sort of people. Kate’s also worried that Harry has become withdrawn.”

Harry made his first public appearance since the scandal erupted last night. He appeared at the WellChild Awards in London, which honours ill youngsters and those who look after them.

Before the event, six-year-old Alex Logan appeared on TV and joked he would be telling Harry it was nice to see him fully clothed.

The royal was in good spirits when he was introduced to Alex. “You keep looking up at your mum, looks like you're dying to say something but you know she will tell you off,” he laughed. “I heard you were on [TV] earlier, you said something cheeky, let's not talk about that here.”