Prince William and Kate Middleton: Pregnant?

09 Nov 2011

Rumours are rife royal couple Wills and Kate are expecting

Prince William and Kate Middleton are rumoured to be expecting their first child after she continuously patted her stomach and declined peanut butter during a recent royal engagement to Copenhagen.

According to witnesses, Kate politely declined the tasty treat after giving William a knowing look as to why she couldn’t eat the spread. Pregnant women are advised to avoid peanuts to eradicate allergies in the baby-to-be and as Kate doesn’t have an allergy to nuts then it’s the only feasible explanation, says a source.

According to our mole, the couple are expecting their first child but won’t announce the news until Kate is three months pregnant – the time period doctors allow to determine all is well.

What’s more, the couple have also instructed their household to refit an apartment in Kensington Palace at a cost of Dhs6 million, complete with nursery and extra bedrooms for children.

Our source says, “William and Kate are over the moon to be moving into Kensington Palace early next year. Their apartment will be a stone’s throw away from where Diana used to live and they are making it into a nice family home.”

“William and Kate have been keeping a low profile over recent months because they have been trying for a baby. They didn’t want Kate to get stressed by public life and now they are making a home to start their family. The royal family can’t wait to welcome their future King or Queen.”

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