Prince William and Kate Middleton Blasted as Royal Robots

The couple were attacked for their American tour
ByJJ AnisiobiThursday , 18 December 2014
Prince William and Kate Middleton Blasted as Royal Robots
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  Is it possible that after just three years of marriage, Kate Middleton and Prince William have lost their sparkle? As the couple failed to shine during their recent trip to America, even the staunchest royalists have blasted them as “boring” and like “robots”. With their son Prince George left on British shores, Wills and Kate, both 32, were left to wow the Big Apple on their own, but with sports stars breaking protocol, Beyoncé and Jay Z upstaging them and the public calling them “fake”, even William’s goodwill gestures couldn’t save the poorly received publicity trip.

The Duke & Duchess Lack Dignity
The Daily Mail was the most vocal about how disappointing England’s future king and queen were, writing: “Kate and Wills have proved themselves to be as dull as Windsor moat water. They are high-street, not high-class. There isn’t an occasion they can’t live down to and they almost always fail to exhibit the sense of grandeur and dignity that the monarchy demands. Quite frankly, they are a bit of a bore.” It didn’t end there, though. “They dazzled the US like a pair of damp squibs submerged in a bucket of cringe. Kate wore 50 shades of gloom while William fussed with his blazer buttons. Mouthing only platitudes, they smile and nod at everything as they cut ribbons and accept posies like royal robots.”

Bey & Jay, the Real Royals
The publication also claimed that music royalty Beyoncé and Jay Z were a more powerful couple. “They have none of the beguilement that strange, little Queen Victoria aroused, none of the deep respect the current Queen commands, not a drop of the molten glamour that Diana, Princess of Wales oozed,” said Jan Moir for the Mail. “The Cambridges were introduced to pop royalty Jay Z and Beyoncé at a basketball match, where it was clear to see who was the most regal and important — and it wasn’t the duke and duchess.” The British public were equally saddened by their royal reps not making waves, with one person writing: “This royal tour didn’t have the X Factor. I remember when Princess Diana went over there. She took America by storm.” Another said: “They’re royalty! They need more glamour! Go big or go home. Catherine, you will one day be queen, so start acting like it – get glammed up and wow us. If only they were more like the Beckhams.”

Tactile tactics
While the couple has largely been bashed for not being exciting enough, a change has been noted in their behaviour towards each other. The usually reserved pair have been more touchy-feely, prompting some to wonder if they’re faking it for their US audience. “Americans are known for their relaxed and welcoming nature compared to us Brits, and by the looks of their relaxed poses on the trip, William and Kate are embracing the less formal routine,” body language expert Caroline Brealey told “With many in the UK wanting to see the back of the Royal Family, it must be a bit of a shoulder-relaxing moment to go somewhere where people genuinely want to meet you.” Whether or not Wills and Kate were faking affection, they’re going to need to work on all aspects of their persona to win over the public. 

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