Prince William and Kate Middleton Are Expecting Twins

Close friends reveal the Royal pair are having twin princesses
ByJJ AnisiobiThursday , 16 October 2014
Prince William and Kate Middleton Are Expecting Twins
Prince William and Kate are expecting twins

Kate Middleton's second pregnancy has been as troublesome and difficult as her first with Prince George. The future Queen of England has been suffering extremely badly with a severe case of morning sickness and has had to take refuge at her parents' home to recover. For the past two months Kate has kept a low profile, but after a traumatic first trimester there could be some good news for the Royal.

Kate's Overwhelmed
Prince George had better prepare himself for some serious competition in the cuteness stakes, as it's been suggested that he'll be a big brother to not one, but two younger siblings! According to Star magazine, Prince William and Kate are expecting twins and the sex of the babies was determined as female after an ultrasound scan was performed. A long-time friend of Kate and Wills claims to have the inside track on the good news and told the publication that everybody, especially the two Royals, was extremely surprised by the double blessing. "When they looked at the screen and saw two tiny human beings, they were completely overwhelmed. Will said Kate's mouth dropped open and her eyes almost popped out of her head, then she squealed, 'Oh my God!' He'll never forget the look on her face – it must have been priceless!"

Wills is Excited
According to the friend, Wills is absolutely over the moon and can't wait for the world to find out. The prince, who's second in line to the throne, is said to have been very open about the information with his close mates and friends and is understandably excited. The insider added: "William phoned his father, Prince Charles, straight away to give him the good news." Although there have also been reports recently that there is some bad blood between Kate and the Queen, the pair appear to be trying to mend the relationship and having the twins might just do that. The source revealed that Wills drove to Windsor Castle to tell his grandmother in person about the new heirs because he thought it was important she hear the news from him instead of on the grapevine.

Pippa: Pregnant?
It could be a double celebration in the Middleton household, as rumours are swirling that Kate's sister, Pippa, is also pregnant. The socialite is allegedly expecting her first child with long-time boyfriend Nico Jackson and it's said the couple are preparing for the pitter-patter of tiny feet by buying a new home. Nico and Pippa are thought to be purchasing a $3 million (Dhs11m) Victorian mansion in west London, and the property boasts, among other things, six double bedrooms, an indoor swimming pool and nanny quarters.

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