Prince Harry Jogs in a Prince William Mask!

He’s alone in Brazil, but Harry found a way to make his brother part of the fun
Saturday , 10 March 2012
Prince Harry Jogs in a Prince William Mask!
Prince William made his way to Brazil after all

The strong Brazilian sun didn’t keep Prince Harry from acting like a royal class clown! During a mile-long fun-run in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday, Harry put on a mask of his brother William’s smiling face and casually jogged to the delight of his running buddies.

So does Harry just travel around the globe with a cardboard cutout of Prince William’s face? Nope! Another runner, part of a group who strapped on royal masks for the jog, gave it to Harry as a little gag gift. An aide to Harry told People that Harry’s impromptu William impersonation would give his brother a “laugh”.

Prince Harry seems to be having a very good time on his trip to Brazil, following a stop in Jamaica. In the South American country, he’s been snapped dancing to a samba band and attended a party with Brazilian celebs on top of Rio’s Sugar Loaf Mountain. Harry told the press, "Everything about Rio makes you want to dance… I'm just glad my brother isn't here, because he might do it, and that would not be cool." Of course the real reason Harry is in Brazil is to spotlight British interests and charitable causes.

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