Prince Harry reporting for duty

Prince Harry’s kidnap filmed

10 Oct 2010

Why the British are furious over drama

Prince Harry’s involvement in the British Army has been splashed across front pages the world over but his days as a soldier have come under shocking scrutiny. After news of the British royal’s location was leaked while on duty in Afghanistan, he was flown home to the security of his home country to stop any form of attack. But now it seems Harry might be at more risk than ever.

In a shocking docu-drama, the Prince is depicted in a kidnapping by the Taliban forces. Set to air on Channel 4 in the UK, the Royal family and British politicians have warned against showing the programme for fears that it could spark a real-life kidnapping of the Prince. The Taking of Prince Harry has been labeled “deeply distasteful” and “in incredible poor taste” by those close to the British royal.

"The depiction, fictional or otherwise, of a member of the armed forces being taken hostage and mistreated is deeply distasteful," said a spokesperson of the British Army.

"Speculation about the security of Prince Harry, both as a serving member of the armed forces and as a senior member of the royal family is unhelpful."

Harry is said to be “furious” about the filming.

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