Pregnant Lily Allen Worries For Unborn Baby

Expecting singer Lily Allen has opened up about her pregnancy anxiety and sleepless nights after suffering two miscarriages
Friday , 09 September 2011
Pregnant Lily Allen Worries For Unborn Baby
Lily Allen during her recent visit to Dubai to promote her clothing line at Boutique 1

Lily Allen was left devastated when she miscarried her
unborn son with husband Sam Cooper six months into the pregnancy last October (2010)
- two years after losing a baby with ex-boyfriend Ed Simons.

Pregnant Lily Allen recently reached the six-month mark
and admits she is plagued with worry for her unborn baby and for Cooper. She told
London's Evening Standard, “I was terrified the other night in bed - I wake up
a lot at the moment - and at one point I touched Sam's face and it was freezing
cold. I was screaming. 'Sam! Sam! Oh my God, my husband's dead! I've sorted
everything out and now it's all over!' He woke up and said, 'All the windows
are open’.”

The star and her baby’s health are being closely
monitored with weekly scans. She adds, “The doctor keeps telling me to take it
easy... Instinctively I always want to be involved in everything. But with this
pregnancy, especially with what happened last time, I'm getting to the point
where I [can accept] it's the one time in my life I'm allowed to do nothing.

However, Lily is feeling guilty about other aspects of
motherhood. "These times feel strangely apocalyptic. I feel a little
guilty about bringing this little one into the world, actually. It definitely
feels weird."

The Smile singer is keeping mum about the sex of her baby
though. “It's between me and the husband. I haven't even told my mum.”

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