Preggers? You Hide it Well

From Penelope’s fab Oscar bod to Victoria’s skinny bump and Ivanka’s enviable glow… Ahlan! looks in awe, and disbelief, at Hollywood’s new mamas and expecting stars...How do they make it look so easy?
Tuesday , 08 March 2011
Preggers? You Hide it Well
Actress Amy Adams

Penelope Cruz

It’s hard to believe when looking at this slim, but voluptuous, senorita that she only gave birth to son Leo on January 22. Yet, determined not to be out of the limelight for too long, Pen has squeezed back into her pre-baby outfits and has been spotted hitting the offices of top Hollywood agents. “Visiting the offices of producer Jerry Bruckheimer [the man behind Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides], the stunning Oscar winner looked every bit the international movie star in shades, clingy top and tight blue jeans,” spilled a source.

The actress obviously must’ve felt the pressure to look hot next to her Oscar-nominated hubby Javier Bardem at the 83rd Academy Awards, especially amid the rumours he was getting cosy with his svelte Eat, Pray, Love co-star Julia Roberts. There’s nothing like a rumoured affair to help a star lose weight!

Who else:
Amy Adams

Despite insisting “losing weight is not my priority” Amy regained her figure in time for her forthcoming Muppets movie. She shed the pounds through pole-dancing classes, admitting, “I’ll do anything to get off the treadmill.”

Victoria Beckham

Teetering in stiletto heels and sporting uber-skinny jeans befitting for a size zero model, Victoria couldn’t look less pregnant had she tried. The only tell-tale signs of a possible bump are the stylish baggy tops and coats that the WAG-cum-designer has been wearing of late, of course this could also be a fashion trend. The 36-year-old, who is five-months pregnant with her fourth child, has never been a large bloomer, however her teeny frame at the Beverly Hills pre-Oscars party was more model chic than blooming baby mama.

Who else:
Rachel Zoe

It must be a fashion thing as stylist Rachel Zoe, who’s due in March, still boasts a small frame. Perhaps it’s because, like Vic, she’s still busy. She reportedly dressed Oscars host Anne Hathaway. Maternity leave? Pfft, celebs don’t need that!

Ivanka Trump

Being pregnant has transformed Trump heiress and business woman, Ivanka, from a skinny Minnie to a voluptuous hot mama. Unlike most celebs the 29-year-old is filling out, but in all the right places, looking more like a 1950s pin-up than an ardent entrepreneur. Ensuring she keeps fashionable while with child, the excited mum-to-be has launched her new line of footwear – smart move, this way she can still fit into them.

Who else:Gwyn Paltrow

Anyone who saw Gwynie at the 1998 Oscars could see that see needed a good meal, or three, or hundred. Obsessed with a strict microbiotic diet, the actress used to look fragile and shockingly thin, yet when she became pregnant she ditched her OCD style obsession with food, and blossomed in every sense. With the actress getting more attention for her fuller figure she’s since erased her strict eating habits, concentrated on healthy eating and become a lads mag fave.