Pre - Party Frock Fixers

10 Dec 2008

Star Style reveals the a-list slimming cheats that ensure they look super-sleek for every soiree!

Have a liquid lunch
To ensure she looks frock fabulous before any event, Beyonce fills up on water to curb hunger pangs and leave her with a pancake-flat tum. Can’t face any more boring old H20? Follow B’s lead, and add vegetable or chicken broth to a cup of boiling water for a low-cal snack in the week leading up to your festive shindig.

Beat the bloat
Prunes are packed with antioxidant and muffin top-melting properties. Demi Moore munches on the dried fruit before strutting the red carpet, as they guarantee a flat tum, and contain wrinkle-fighting, free-radical absorbers, which instantly boosts your skin’s appearance.

Jump around
It sounds ridiculous, but personal trainer Jonathan Goodair, whose clients include Madge and Stella McCartney, says you can bounce away excess baggage before a big night out. “If you want to look thinner for a special event, jump on a mini-trampoline for 30 to 40 minutes that morning in a really warm room,” he says. “It’s amazing how much this can de-bloat you, making you look thinner.”

Get oiled up
British make-up artist Jemma Kidd swears by evening primrose oil, a rich source of gamma-linolenic acids that relieve pre-menstrual bloated tums, as well as giving your skin an extra boost after one too many late nights. “You can even break open an evening primrose capsule and rub it into the skin directly,” she says.

Go brown and out!
Both Mariah and Britney have admitted they have previously cheated their way to a six pack by spray painting on their abs with airbrush bronzer before going on stage. Not flaunting your midriff? A decent fake tanner all over will disguise cellulite and flabby areas, giving the illusion of a firmer, tighter body.

No more munchies!
Gorgeous Claudia Schiffer’s get-thin-quick rules include only snacking on zero-calorie treats and cutting out morning munchies – “I keep my calorie count down by eating only fruit and veg before noon, and snacking on tomato juice, grapes and herbal teas if I’m feeling hungry.”

Need more help?
Pack de-bloating treats like asparagus, celery and watermelon into your daily diet.
2Fill up on chilli-packed foods – spicy dishes cause our bodies to let go of excess water.
3Stand up straight! Shoulders should be pulled back with core muscles drawn in. You’ll look instantly thinner and taller, and your cocktail dress will sit better.
4Feign sculpted arms. Do three sets of 10 push-ups and rest for 60 seconds between each set, 10 minutes before you leave the house for your party. This increases blood flow, so your arms appear firmer and tighter temporarily.

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