The Power of Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra Wig

19 Dec 2011

The wig she wore in the classic was auctioned off for a whopping Dhs58,500 !

Elizabeth Taylor's look in Cleopatra is an iconic one, which has inspired hair trends for four decades. Now – her wig from the 1963 movie has been sold at auction for a staggering Dhs58,500! Elizabeth wore the wig, made of dark brown human hair and featuring gold coils, beads and braids, when playing the young queen of Egypt, and since the actress passed away in March 2011, the wig’s value has sky-rocketed.

And, in other wacky beauty news, DKNY has teamed up with jewellery designer Martin Katz to create a million dollar perfume! Chanel Iman unveiled the apple-shaped bottle – which has been adorned in 14-carat gold and studded with 183 sapphires and 2,700 diamonds! Even in Dubai this seems a bit extreme...

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