Potted Potter Heading to Dubai!

Potted Potter Heading to Dubai!

23 Jul 2014

The international Harry Potter parody comes to DUCTAC

Calling all UAE Potterheads! The International Harry Potter parody is heading to Dubai this September.

The production will be staged at DUCTAC theatre at Mall of the Emirates from 17 to 21 September.

The theatre production is an abridged version of the seven Potter novels by British author J K Rowling.

 The 70-minute show started initially in 2005 as a five-minute street sketch that gave a quick summary of the first five novels to eager fans who were queuing in front of bookstores to get their copies of the then latest Potter release, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

The short play was an immediate success, which encouraged creators Daniel “Dan” Clarkson and Jefferson “Jeff” Turner to produce a full-length show. The dynamic duo has also worked as presenters on the BBC’s children’s network CBBC.

The Olivier Award nominee was staged at London’s West End theatre, as well as on off-Broadway for 30 weeks.

The highly-condensed stage production includes all the major characters from the books, and features a fire-breathing dragon and a real-life Quidditch game. At one point, the actors even begin singing and dancing.

Jeff plays the role of Harry in the production, while Dan plays multiple characters – he often appears confused on stage and tends to mix-up the Potter world with that of C.S. Lewis’s Narnia and J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, two other major book and film series that have fans all around the world.

The Harry Potter series remains one of the most popular in the world, with the books selling more than 450 million copies in at least 67 languages. But this stage production gives Potter its own twist, adding family humour to make the show interesting and enjoyable for all audience members.

Dan and Jeff have also announced that a new show called Potted Sherlock is due to hit UK stages in August.

INFO: Potted Potter, DUCTAC Mall of the Emirates, 17-21 Sept, 3pm, tickets Dhs150 and Dhs200 contact box.office@ductac.org