Posting abusive comments in the UAE? Think again

Posting abusive comments in the UAE? Think again

26 Nov 2019

You might land yourself in court for swearing...

According to figures, social media violations are on an all rise, especially in Abu Dhabi.

There have been a round up of 500 cases of abusive social media posts in 2019, in comparison to 300 cases in 2018. Beware of cyber bullying and posting abusive posts - there are harsh punishments for not following the law.

Refrain from blackmailing messages and threats, constant swearing (especially if directed against an individual), spreading fake rumours about a person or entity, inappropriate sharing of images or posts, and even collecting fake donations without an appropriate license. These crimes have a hefty penalty of upto Dhs500,000. Yikes.

It is also important to bear in mind privacy laws of individuals – do not photograph anybody without their consent, or exploit private matters of others.

Despite social media being a platform to connect with others, hurting people online will only bring out negatives of social media networking.

Residents in the UAE, especially youngsters, must beware of what they post online.