Victoria Beckham

Posh's Pregnancy Wardrobe

19 Jan 2011

Nine months and counting! Let the Beckham maternity wear watch commence...

2011 is shaping up to be the biggest baby boom Hollywood has ever seen – but it’s Victoria Beckham’s bump that’s going to be the focus of this year’s mega maternity wear watch. Having made the successful transition from girl-band barbie to bonafide fashion phenomena, VB’s fourth pregnancy wardrobe is destined to be her finest nine months of fashion yet. But what’s to come? Star Style takes a trip down memory lane to chart the Beckham bumps and predict the fashion future for number four!

Bump No.1
: Brooklyn
When?Winter 1998/99
The Look?In her Spice Girls heyday, Victoria was all about the LBD – designer ones, natch. From longline tank dresses to aprons over trousers (remember those?), 24-year old Posh rarely strayed from her top-to-toe black, glam alter ego. And in true Girl Power style, Posh never fell out of love with her sexy shoes and foxy frocks.

Hitting London’s super-trendy Titanic bar weeks before she was due to give birth, the world gasped when seven-months-gone Victoria stepped out in a skintight strappy LBD in freezing temperatures, topped off with killer platform heels. HEELS!?!

Hot mom or maternity mishap?
Posh showed off her first baby bump in an array of black, skintight outfits – and the fact she wasn’t quite so fond of maternity undies as she maybe should have been – eek!

Bump No.2: Romeo
May 2002
The Look?
A step on from the ‘CHECK OUT MY BUMP!’ look of her first pregnancy, Victoria’s second was a far more demure affair. Wrapping up in a variety of floor sweeping coats, Posh balanced the size of her growing belly with a new fave – the enormous designer bag. With trousers and bootcut jeans a staple, flat shoes were never going to be an option. Whaddya mean puffy ankles?

Hot mom or maternity mishap? Keeping out the late spring chill in a variety of cover ups, Victoria played safe with her second pregnancy wardrobe, opting for yummy mummy chic, and an array of accessories to elevate a classic look from simple to superstar worthy. Cue the burning of maternity-friendly tracksuits across the globe.

Bump No.3: Cruz
Winter 2004
The Look?Victoria’s stint in Madrid played a huge part in her maternity look for baby number three – this time, the Spanish senorita ruled! With an array of pashminas and ponchos to drape elegantly over her tum, and a head of tumbling chestnut curls (even if they were fake), Victoria embraced the sexy Mediterranean style with aplomb as husband David wowed Spain with his fancy footwork (and even fancier hair!)

Hot mom or maternity mishap?
Victoria’s third, Spanish-inspired pregnancy wardrobe was the most relaxed, and by far the best of the bunch. And despite being some time before her real fashion career began, Victoria’s bump dressing rules made for a truly successful pre-Cruz collection!

Bump No.4
When:Winter 2010/11
The Look:It’s early days, but we know that Beckham pregnancy no.4 is going to be a spectacular fashion affair. Sneakily covering her burgeoning bump in a divine Giambattista Valli cape, a classy Alexander McQueen camel coat and an unusually roomy evening gown from her own collection, Victoria’s early pregnancy outfits ooze class and sophistication, and it’s sooo going to get better.

With a variety of her own s/s line certain to be a major part of this pregnancy wardrobe, we’re guessing it’s going to be all expertly draped cocktail dresses and elegant trouser suits from here on in. And while the sex of the baby is still a mystery, we’re predicting a range of new VB maternity gear on the horizon – watch this space!