Poppy Delevigne at the Grazia Style Awards

04 Apr 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Ahlan! Live chatted with the fashion muse at Grazia's glam evening

She's the latest muse for Louis Vuitton, shot campaigns for Laura Ashley, Mango, Amy Hindmarch, acted as a brand ambassador for Chanel and Versace, and even has ambitions to rival Nicole Kidman on the big screen! With all that going there's no denying model and socialite Poppy Delevigne has one seriously hectic schedule to juggle! But despite her busy lifestyle, the leggy blonde clotheshorse took time out for a chat with Ahlan! Live during the Grazia Style Awards!

You lived in New York for a while and lived with Sienna Miller, would ever consider moving to Dubai?
I'm a little bit of a nomad, I love travelling, I love living out of a suitcase - I actually really enjoy that. I don't know if I could live here because I'd miss my family and boyfriend too much but I'd love to come and spend some more time here. From what I've seen so far, I've loved it. I enjoy the energy, Dubai is so vibrant and it's such an exciting new place. I'm loving what people are wearing and the fashion here.

What is inspiring your style right now?
At the moment a lot of primary colours and bold prints and a lot of pattern, I guess is what's inspiring me at the moment, so a lot of Mary Katranzou, Jonathan Saunders, and Henry Holland - all that kind of style, that's what I'm really into. I've always been slightly afraid of that kind thing so I'm taking it in my stride and trying to experiment with it. As you get older and more confident in yourself you become braver.

Aside from modelling, you also have acting aspirations, what would be  your dream role?
I would love to try and do something that is out of my comfort zone. I'd really love to try and sink my teeth into something that was quite mad and quite adventurous, I'd love to play a part that would require wearing prosthetics. Like Charlize Theron in Monster or Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf in The Hours. It would be something completely unexpected, I'd love a challenge.

Do you ever have days when you're not feeling like you look your best?
You can't help but feel that way! Sometimes you just fall out of bed in the morning and not want to see or speak to anyone. You just want to have your whole face done by make-up artists and everything like that. I generally feel really happy at the moment.

You recently filmed Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model, how did you find the experience?
I was a guest judge for one episode. I really enjoyed that, I loved meeting the girls and mentoring them. It was actually really interesting to see things from their perspective. I've never done anything like that before so it was interesting to see the ways I could help them. It was like helping out in a big sister way!

Would you like to pursue further opportunities in television?
Fingers crossed! I would be very open to seeing what comes from it, but acting is definitely number one on the list. But if a really interesting TV opportunity came around the corner, I would definitely take note and explore that idea further.


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