Police save UAE man's life thanks to Facebook Live

Bravo to the police team in Ras Al Khaimah
ByIsobel Forester-BennettWednesday , 21 June 2017
Police save UAE man's life thanks to Facebook Live
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Last night, a young German man attempted to take his own life whilst streaming the upsetting events on a Facebook live video for friends and family to see. The young man, who remains unidentified, was harming himself on a mountain top in Ras Al Khaimah and was reportedly upset due to a family disputes.

Concerned by the graphic content of the Facebook Live video, the man’s brother immediately contacted the Ras Al Khaimah police and informed them of the situation. Minutes after receiving the emergency call, a rescue chopper, patrol cars and an ambulance rushed to the mountain to help the man. The RAK police first found his abandoned car and then the young man in critical condition sitting at the mountain top. The man still had a pulse and medics managed to carry him from the site before taking him to hospital.

A source told Khaleej Times: “The medical team on-board managed to administer the first aids needed and rushed him to the Saqr Hospital for treatment and medical care. It was only late at night, mostly around 2am until the young man's condition got stable, but he is still hospitalized, and shall not be discharged until he thoroughly gets well.”

The police investigation is currently ongoing.

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