Play Tennis with Tim Henman in the UAE!

10 Jul 2013

Former tennis star Tim Henman chats to Ahlan! on his envy of Andy Murray, plus how you could be on court with him in Abu Dhabi next week!

Former British tennis star Tim Henman has revealed he’s envious of Scottish tennis star Andy Murray’s epic Wimbledon win ahead of a trip to Abu Dhabi.

The hunky English player made the semi-finals of the famous London tournament, but never quite lifted the trophy. He told Ahlan!, “I would have loved to have won Wimbledon, that was my ultimate dream, but when I look back on my career, I achieved so much more than I ever dreamt I would. I had some disappointments but seeing Andy win it after 77 years, I was incredibly pleased for him. The atmosphere was incredible, I was commentating on it. The tension and expectation in that final game was just incredible, I really don’t know how he was able to finish it off. It was a very tough match. It is strength of character that really put him over the line. I went to the locker room to congratulate him and gave him a big hug.”

Tim, 38, is leaving his gorgeous wife Lucy and his three daughters at home for his Middle Eastern trip which will see him offer an exclusive coaching session to the winners of a tennis championship being held as part of SportsFest at Abu Dhabi Summerfest. There will be men’s doubles and mixed doubles contests running on Saturday and Sunday evenings 13 and 14 July, before the finals on Monday 15 July. Tim will also present the trophies.

He said: “I’m going to be intrigued to see the standard. It should be a lot of fun. I’ve never played tennis in Abu Dhabi but I played in Doha, Qatar, and I have got really good memories of the region.”

Tim revealed the family once had a great holiday in Dubai. He said: “I stayed at the Madinat about four years ago, with our three girls. It was brilliant.”

He revealed he actually gets more nervous commentating than being on court himself. He said: “I don’t miss it at all. It’s much more nerve wracking watching than playing. You get really nervous when you’re watching as there’s nothing you can do.

Unlike Andy Murray’s girlfriend Kim Sears, Tim says his wife didn’t revel in the attention she got when watching him play. "We’re not interested in the whole celebrity thing. Obviously when they are watching matches, my wife would be on TV a lot but then once you’re away from that they were pretty good and left us most of the time, and we live out of London so we were left alone.

Sadly he says he doesn't’t expect any of his daughters, Olivia, Rose and Grace to follow in his footstep, though they occasionally do play tennis. "No, there’s no budding Wimbledon champion!”

INFO: Dhs50 to enter, Saturday 13 July to Monday 15 from 8pm to 11pm,