Plasma Power Teeth Whitening

The one with the fish and gum shield
Sunday , 17 April 2011
Plasma Power Teeth Whitening
Singer Cheryl Cole

Best for: Those that would like whiter teeth, but without the pain.

Duration: Depending on how white you want to go, you can do it any time between an hour a day for a week or every night for a week for more noticeable results.

Session required: Between three to five sessions, lasting between an hour to all night.

Price: Dhs1,000 for the Plasma Power Whitening as well as the at-home whitening kit.

Do it at: The DentalSPA, Jumeira, Dubai. Call (04) 395 2005.

I loathe the dentists. From the smell that hits you as soon as you walk through the door to the squeaky chair you have to lie on. Fortunately, I didn’t have to undergo any painful procedures; instead I was given an at-home whitening kit by the DentalSPA to try out. Although you don’t have to leave the house to do it, you’re required to have a consultation at the DentalSPA first to make sure you have no cavities. I open the door with shaky hands and am greeted by two smiling receptionists. I’m then shocked to discover that the dentist smell is lacking and, instead of plastic chairs there are comfy sofas and fountains. I then meet Doctor Amer, a cosmetic and laser dentist, who puts me at ease immediately. He explains the process clearly and concisely, and I’m on the chair before I know it. Lying there, mouth hanging open, I look up and instead of staring at cracks in the ceiling, I find myself staring at a flat-screen TV, watching fishes swim by. All part of the service, Dr Amer assures me. After my check-up, I’m handed my whitening kit and I’m good to go. Once home, I set about injecting the gel into my gum shield. This is a bit fiddly, but it gets easier the more you do it. I spend one hour a night wearing it for a week – and on the third day, I notice my teeth look whiter and my colleagues agree.

Although this isn't as striking as some of the other whitening procedures out there, it is painless and you do end up with a smile that is whiter than before.