Plasma Bleach Teeth Whitening

The one with the foam
Sunday , 17 April 2011
Plasma Bleach Teeth Whitening
Julia Roberts

Best for: Those that really want to dazzle

Duration: Two sessions that last 20 minutes each, so 40 minutes all together.

Sessions required: Just the one.

Price: Dhs2,500.

Do it at: Dubai Sky Clinic. Call (04) 355 8808.

Whizzing down SZR, Julia Roberts catches my eye as she grins down at me from a 10ft billboard. ‘I want a smile like hers’ I muse. Well, it’s a good thing I’m off to Dubai Sky Clinic for plasma bleaching treatment then. Reclining on the dental chair, my dentist Dr Maximillian Riewer, gives me a run down about the procedure, which uses peroxide solution and UV light – and is the most effective way to enhance your smile. On top of that, this method of whitening is FDA (Food And Drug Administration) approved. After doing bit of pre-treatment Googling, which revealed the hazards of botched whitening (internal tooth damage and permanent sensitivity), this is music to my ears. On the subject of music, my next task is to choose my treatment tunes. I go for pop just as a ready-prepared mouth guard is popped into my mouth. It’s brand new and contains a whitening gel-soaked foam. A UV ray is then shined on my teeth, which helps to activate the foam. The first session lasts for 20 mins, followed by a break and then another 20 mins. When finished, I catch a glimpse of my new smile in the mirror. Eat your heart out Julia.

A day later? No pain (just a little tingly during) and much whiter teeth. Result!