Pippa To Tie The Knot?

Things are hotting up for Kate’s sis...
Tuesday , 12 July 2011
Pippa To Tie The Knot?
Pippa Middleton and Alex Loudon

Despite rumours that Pippa Middleton has split up with her cricket star boyfriend Alex Loudon, I can reveal the couple are well and truly together and are so strong they have even discussed the possibility of marriage.

According to my well placed source, Pippa is so intent on keeping her romance private that she rarely meets him in public and is obsessed with keeping him to herself.

My source tells me, “Pippa wants nothing to get in the way of her relationship with Alex. She is totally smitten with him and tries to keep him out of the papers as much as possible.”

“She doesn’t want her relationship to be in the public eye, she wants a totally private affair. Just because she is the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge doesn’t mean she has to live by the same rules. She can do whatever she wants.”

And, according to sources, the relationship between Pippa and Alex is so strong that he doesn’t even mind her hanging out with her ex-boyfriend, George Percy the eldest son of the Duke of Northumberland.

My source adds, “Pippa and George are just friends and it would be hard pushed to say it has ever been anymore than that. The relationship between Pippa and Alex is very strong and Alex even makes hints that he is going to pop the question one day.”

“Pippa takes great delight with the idea that she might one day bag her, as she calls him, cricket hunk. I think if he doesn’t pop the question then she may end up doing it herself.”

Watch this space...