Pippa Middleton: Royal Party Planner?

23 Oct 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Does the Queen want Pippa Middleton to work at Buckingham Palace?

It’s been a pretty scandalous summer for the British royal family. P-Middy’s been jet-setting around the globe collecting billionaires and free tickets to the tennis while her sister Kate accidentally revealed her royal jewels to the world. But it looks like the Queen’s fighting back with a plan to convince Pippa to work for her at the palace. Here’s the scoop.

The New York Daily News reported that Pippa’s US tour to promote her party planning guide Celebrate  has been cancelled in the wake of Kate’s topless photo scandal and that the Royals now want to keep Kate’s younger sister out of the limelight and closer to home. According to the paper, Pippa was pondering interview offers from Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres and could have expected to pocket up to Dhs2 million. The only problem was, she’d have been expected to discuss her sister’s bikini malfunction. Awkward!

So the Queen’s stepped in and placed an ad in the classifieds for the perfect job for Pippa, in the hope she’ll take the bait and come home. Very cunning, your Majesty. The Daily Mail reported, “The Queen is advertising a coveted role as the new Royal party organiser. Her Majesty is said to be looking for someone to help manage and co-ordinate private and official Royal functions. The 29-year-old brunette has previous experience successfully organising Royal parties.” There’s just one slight hitch, Pippa would only be paid Dhs150,000 a year and would be expected to work a 40-hour week, which would seriously hamper her jet-setting lifestyle and shopping habits. CVs at the ready, ladies. Applications close on 28 October.