Pippa Middleton to Bite the Big Apple?

Is Pippa Middleton moving to America?
Wednesday , 16 May 2012
We doubt Pippa will have a quiet life in NYC
We doubt Pippa will have a quiet life in NYC
Is Pippa disgracing 
the Royals?
Is Pippa disgracing the Royals?

Pippa Middleton is on the verge of packing her bags and moving to America following her gun debacle in France last month. Kate Middleton’s 28-year-old younger sister currently lives in London’s posh King’s Road area but has been keeping a low profile since she was photographed in a car as the driver aimed a pistol at paparazzi in Paris. Since ‘gungate’ hit headlines, party planner Pippa has quit her job at catering firm Table Talk, and has been keeping a low profile.

A buzz has surrounded P-Mid ever since she was her sister Kate’s bridesmaid at the royal wedding last year and she was hoping to move away from all the attention. Until last month Paris was top of her list but now friends say Pippa is “investigating her options in America” and will look into a permanent move to New York during her promo tour for her book Celebrate in the States in October. The relocation would be a joint effort to fix her public image and avoid causing any more embarrassment to her sister Kate – the future Queen of England – and, of course, the Royal Family.

Pips had better think twice if it’s the quiet life she’s after as US Weekly Editor Albert Lee predicts a media frenzy when she hits the big apple! “If she’s trying to get away from the press, she’s coming to the wrong city. Pippa just walking down the street in a fashionable dress – people are interested. The second she lands, I’m sure we’ll be assigning reporters to cover her.”

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