Pippa Middleton’s Padded Pants

Critics think Pippa propped up her bridesmaid dress
Monday , 15 August 2011
Pippa Middleton’s Padded Pants
Pippa Middleton's perfect behind

Are the critics just jealous or have they caught Pippa Middleton out? In a recent report, Crazy About Pippa, which aired in the UK, experts have spilled that the famous Middleton sister used padding to perfect her behind when she walked the aisle at Kate’s wedding.

During the special, Lesley Reynolds Kahn, a spa owner said, “I’m not convinced that it’s completely natural, because I think, if you look at other photos of her and you see her in jeans, she’s got quite a flat bottom.”

“I think possibly for the day, for that gorgeous dress, she may have had some sort of pants that gave her a little bit of a lift, or even a little bit of padding.”

Do you think Pippa wore padded pants?

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