Pink Loves Serenading Her Daughter

Pink can often be found crooning Beatles songs to her 15-month-old daughter Willow
Pink Loves Serenading Her Daughter

Pink can’t stop singing her to daughter in public – even when other people are there.

The musician and her husband Carey Hart have 15-month-old daughter Willow together. Pink has no problem taking the tot everywhere she goes, but sometimes forgets they aren’t on their own.

“I sing her a lot of Beatles songs, [sings] ‘You know how much I love you. You know how much I care,’” she explained on UK TV show Lorraine.

“I was in New York in a coffee shop at about seven o’clock in the morning with her going, [sings] ‘You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,’ and then saying, ‘Can I get a coffee? A latte please, thank you.’”

Pink didn’t worry about her weight when she was pregnant and is still working to regain her figure. It’s not something that stresses her out though as she knows she will get there in the end.

“How did I lose 60lbs of cheesecake? Still going, still working on it. I am being very kind to myself, I am not in a race, I will get there. And right when I get there I will be pregnant again. And it will be more cheesecake!” she laughed.